Series Roundup: Community-Led Work in Practice

community-led work in practice-3

One of the CLA Community-Led Library Service Network’s goals for 2014-2015 was to create a series of posts exploring aspects of community-led work, providing an opportunity to share information about the work being done in Canadian libraries and offering useful information and ideas to others in an accessible and readable format.

To date, Network members have contributed eight posts as part of our Community-Led Work in Practice: Experiences from Canadian Libraries series. Laura Young wrote about Edmonton Public Libraries’ epl2go, a mobile service providing communities with library services when access to a traditional library branch is limited. In Let the Community Lead, Andrea Cecchetto and Leah Rucchetto shared Markham Public Library’s experience using a community-led approach in developing their strategic plan. Rejuvenating library service in a rural community through community engagement was the focus of a post by Amanda Fullerton and Sara Gillis of Halifax Public Libraries.

John Pateman of Thunder Bay Public Library contributed a series of posts on developing a community led strategy, staff and service structures, systems, and service culture.

PDF versions of these posts, and a lengthy list of other community-led resources, are available on the Network website’s Resources page.


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