Music Sharing

Denver, Iowa City and Edmonton Public Libraries are supporting and promoting local musicians and opening their communities to learn about their local music scene in really innovative ways by taking local music to a new level of sharing and collaboration as a digital library resource.

Denver Public Library’s Volume Denver: Through a vetted process by library staff and community members local Denver musicians have the chance to get their music out to their community through the library’s Volume Denver portal. Community members access the albums for free with their library card. Music is added quarterly and made available DRM free for two years through the Volume Denver website; which is set to launch this summer. Read more about Volume Denver in The Library as Incubator Project article and this Denver Public Library blog post.

The Iowa City Public Library’s Local Music Project: Local musicians lease the right to their music to the library. In turn they ask that “You can thank them by playing these albums often and going out to see them perform live!” Have a look at their website.

Edmonton Public Library’s Digital Local Music Project: This project is still gearing up, its goal is to build a digital public space to celebrate Edmonton’s local music scene and its history. Local musicians gave their input on what form this music project should take. Find out more about EPL’s Digital Public Spaces Research here which includes two reports on their project’s Vision and Recommendations & Detailed Trends.

As more public library’s offer Digital Media Labs it will be interesting to see if their labs will in turn support the recording of some of the music that is uploaded to these local music digital resources. Do you know of any other initiatives like the three above at a library near you or is your library investigating the same idea? If so, share with us your experiences or knowledge of other similar ventures.


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