McDonald’s as Third Space and The Transparent Library

I just came across this post on Ken Haycock’s blog written last month by Daphne Wood, Director of Planning & Organizational Development at Vancouver Public Library, on the topic of  third space and links to an interesting NYT articles about the popularity of fast food restaurants as gathering spots.

Earlier this week, Michael Casey and Michael Stephens released a free eBook (in PDF and Kindle versions) containing a collection of their Transparent Library colums that appeared in Library Journal between 2007-2009.  In the opening essay, The Transparent Library Revisited, Michael Casey writes:

“Some very difficult times started in 2009, and I think we saw a lot of libraries taking two different paths. Some libraries continued to grow more open and engage with their communities—to use participatory methods in formulating services and programs and events for the public. We saw others use those difficult times as an excuse to retrench and take a step back, close the doors a bit on openness and transparency, and revert to whatever they defined as core library services.”

Have you come across any posts or articles that our Community-Led Library Service Network might be interested in?  Let us know!



One comment

  1. This is so true. In the UK the libraries which have survived the recession are those which have taken a community led-approach. The libraries which turned inward and retrenched have been closed. Libraries have a great opportunity to reposition themselves within communities as democractic public spaces.

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