Developing Community-Led Public Libraries: Evidence from the UK and Canada

Hi – Please check out the link to the new book which John and I have collaboratively written over the past two years.  We understand that while there are numerous other narratives and approaches happening across Canada regarding community-led service work, we tried to hone in on some of the major learnings and findings from Open to All, Working Together and the personal experiences of the authors (working from this approach over the last number of years).

We appreciate Ashgate making the first chapter of the book available (here).



  1. What public libraries in the US are using this model? Also, is anyone using it with the business community or other similar groups who may be underserved but are not “at risk” populations?
    Sandy Newell

    1. Hi Sandy –

      I only know of one library system in California which is starting to use this approach. Keep in mind it is relatively new, and has had little exposure in the US to this point. You can contact Francisca Goldsmith at Infopeople to find out about the California connection.

      As for not using with ‘at risk’ populations – I believe each library system which has used it in Canada has also applied the same principles to many existing library users (who may or may not be considered at risk – e.g. young or new caregivers, seniors, artists etc.) There is a lot of potential for applying to other user groups – including county/municipal councilors and funders.

      Best – Ken

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